WE PERFORM ALL OF THE 4 MAJOR DRUG TESTING TYPES. HAIR, URINE, SALIVA & BLOOD. ALL ANALYZED IN HOUSE BY OUR EXPERT STAFF. WE HAVE TWO COURT CERTIFIED TOXICOLOGISTS & TWO MRO (Medical Review Officers). We are the only Local Laboratory in Southern Nevada that performs LEGAL Confirmations on a LC/MS/MS. We are capable in identifying most Drug substances, like Heroin, Coacaine, Meth, Marijuana, etc.

NOTE: Instant Drug Testing by an Employer is Illegal in the STATE of NEVADA. Only a Licensed Laboratory can perform Instant Drug Testing, under very strict State requirements. The Licensed Lab must obtain a Site Permit from the State, which costs $300.00 and the results can ONLY be processed and reported by a Laboratory Supervisor. If these regulations are not followed and an Employee is suspended or terminated by an Employer, that Employee has the right to file a Wrongfull termination Lawsuit. Your Company can be liabel for a large fine and an expensive settlement.

    An employer is NOT allowed to cut the Hair of an employee for Hair drug testing. Only a representative from a Licensed Lab is allowed to do so.

   Lab Express is very experienced in all aspect of Drug Collections, testing & confirmations. Please call us for more information. (702) 643-5227.